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3 July 2023

If you are planning to relocating to Istanbul or already reside in Turkey, there are a number of essentials/requirements to finalize your residence permit application or renewal. Obtaining a health insurance is one of the most important amongs the few others.

You might wonder if your insurance from home country can be used in Turkiye as well. Although your international health insurance can be used in Turkiye, it's most likely that it won't be valid for the residence permit application unless it is purchased in Turkiye. Anyone who would like to apply for residence permit in Turkiye (tourstic, educational, work or other purposes) are strictly required to hold a valid health insurance bought in Turkiye that covers the entire duration their residence.

When to purchase the health insurance in Turkiye and its Scope?

Health insurance in Istabul for residence permit in Turkey

The starting date of the health insurance that is bought in Turkiye is to match the starting date of the residence permit stated in the residence permit application. Obtaining health insurance will not guarantee a successful application but it's essential for the application to be considered.

There are many insurance firms where you can get a health insurance from. The scope of the policy covers the entire information about health policu. With browsing different policies from different firms, you may find out what is included and excluded from the policy.