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25 July 2023

E-devlet is a govermental portal where a Turkish resident may easily access all goverment-related information and make bureaucratic transactions. Turkish citizens as well as foreigners with valid residence permit cards can take use of this service by simply registering to e-devlet. This services range from residency procedures, address registration, tax and social security affairs and many more.

Since its launch in 2008, the e-devlet has been a vital part of Turkish bureaucracy by providing prompt and secure services online. Once you have registered, you will also have access to e-Nabız, where you can all your health-related information available and to MHRS (Central Doctor Appointment System). E-devlet is also available with English language option as well as an mobile app available both on iOS and Android.

Ways to register for e-Devlet

Using mobile banking: The easiest way to signing in to e-Devlet is via mobile/online banking for those who have a bank account in a Turkish bank.

Obtaining your password from a PTT branch: Any PTT branch (postal office) can provide you with a single-use password to E-devlet. The cost of it is only 5 Turkish liras. We recommend you to change your password after your first login.

e-Devlet Services

Following the completion of your registration to E-devlet, you may connect to govermental offices services and municipalities. All documents provided by the E-devlet portal come with QR codes for each that makes the document official and valid for use in all purposes. E-devlet also enables you to verify documents received from others.

  • Obtaining criminal record/police certificate
  • Checking social security details
  • Tax records, tax and fee payments
  • Obtaining transcripts, student documents from universities
  • Turkish citizenship applications
  • Following trials, hearings and other court cases

  • foreigners in Turkey may use e-Devlet govermental portal to ease their life

    Forgotten your e-Devlet Password?

    Other than loging in without password using your online banking, you may always obtain a new password from any PTT branch in Turkey. You may also call e-Devlet call center by dialing 160.