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9 September 2020

Obtaining a residence permit in Turkey is mandatory for foreigners who wish to extend their stay in the country after the expiration date prescribed in their visa. Foreigners who need a visa exemption or plan to stay for more than ninety days are required to obtain a residence permit. For online Turkish visa application, please visit the Turkish Goverment's Electronic Visa Application system at

Please note that as of 2013, foreigners who purchase a property will be granted a yearly residence permit which is renewed every year until the person keeps the ownership of the property.

In order to obtain a residence permit, you need no intermediaries/firms. Applications are solely made through the website of Directorate of General of Migration Management (Goc İdaresi) and the system supports English, Russian and Arabic languages.

Let's get started with the types of residence permits and get to the application process after then.

Types of Residence Permits

  • Short-term Residence Permit

Foreigners can apply for short-term residence permit if they are in Turkey to conduct scientific research; to own an immovable property in Turkey; to establish business or commercial connections; to participate on-the-job training programmes, to attend educational or similar programmes such as student exchange/Erasmus; to stay for tourism purposes; to receive a medical treatment unless they don't have a disease that would pose public a health threat, or to attend a Turkish language course.

A short-term residence permit is issued for a maximum of two-year period.

  • Family Residence Permit

Family residence permit is mainly for foreign national spouses and/or the relatives of Turkish citizens who wish to bring their family to turkey.

The residence permit can be valid for a maximum of three years. The applications are done solely online at

  • Student Residence Permit

Student residence permit is granted for foreign students who study in Turkey for the duration of the course and attend an associate, undergraduate, postgraduate programme taught at a Turkish educational institute.

  • Long Term Residence Permit

Long term residence permit can be obtained by foreigners who have continously resided in Turkey for a minimum of 8-years period. Short term absences are allowed, however any time over six months within a year or more in total, shall forfeit the right to apply for long term residence permit.

The applicant shall not have received any social supports in the past three years and are required to have sufficient and sustainable income.

  • Humanitarian Residence Permit

Humanitarian residence permit is granted for those who are suffering from a displacement due to civil war, violation of human rights and refugees.

This type of permit is to be granted or renewed for a maximum of one year period at a time.

  • Residence Permit for Victims of Human Trafficking

Residence permit for victims of human trafficking is issued for thirty days to foreigners who are victims of human trafficking or where there is strong evidence that they might be victims.

Residence permit for victims of human trafficking can be extended for a maximum period of six months, as extensions can not exceed three years in total.

How to Apply for Residence Permit

As mentioned above, the applications are to be made solely through the website of Directorate of General of Migration Management (Goc İdaresi) that is also available in English, Russian and Arabic languages. Once you log onto the website, choose your suitable application type and input all your information.

Please note that you'll be required to input your private health insurance number while filling out the form. Thus, you must purchase one before the application. The expiry date of your health insurance and your requested period of residency must comply.

Applying for Turkish Residence Permit

After completing the registration form and making sure that all the information you have provided is correct, click on "Create and Appointment Request/Print the Registration Form" button.

Applying for Turkish Residence Permit

In order to have your residence permit application form ready and printable, you must first request for an appointment by clicking on "I'd like to make an appointment only for myself" and then click on Resume. You will have a list of branch offices for the appointment. Choose any one of them that you are able to reach to and show up on the date of the appointment. Please note that for time being, the appointments are not held in person due to COVID-19 and you'll be asked to send over the documents instead, to the appointment address where the branch is located.

Once you finalize, you will have your application form ready and ready to be printed.

Applying for Turkish Residence Permit - Application form

Your application form should be signed by you and be included with all the other required documents.

Required Documents

The required documents vary on the type of application. For each application type, the list of required documents are stated in the final application form and on the website of Directorate of General of Migration Management (Goc İdaresi). The common required documents for short term residence permit are as follows:

  • Residence permit application form (must besigned)
  • Photocopy of passport (pages containing identity information and photograph and processed pages)
  • Translation of your passport that is notarially certified
  • Rental contract that is notarially certified
  • Four (4) pcs photos (must have been taken within the last six months, with a white background and biometric)
  • Valid health insurance (insurance period must cover the intended residence permit duration)
  • Receipt of the paid fees/tax


The amount of fees and tax are stated in your application form. This amount is usually 163 plus 110 Turkish liras, depending on the type of the application. These fees have to be paid to any Tax Office in Istanbul with your full name mentioned in the receipt.


Once you sent all the required documents via mail to the branch office of the Directorate of General of Migration Management, you shall wait at least for 45 days. In case you didn't receive any SMS or e-mail regarding your application, you may dial 157 from a Turkish number to ask about the result. After a successful application, your new Turkish Foreigner ID will arrive at your stated home/work/school address.