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3 July 2023

Documents that required for the residence permit in Istanbul can often change as well as its rules and regation. Whether it is your first time applying for the residence permit or for a renewal, it's essential to be up-to-date on the latest rules and new documents that Göç İdaresi may ask for. Numarataj document is one of these that many people are not aware of just yet.

Numaraj is a document that officially describes the type and exact geographical location of a property. In another words, it is simply a official document that states the "address number" of a real estate.

The applicants who are newly applying for the residence permit in Turkey are requested to provide the Numarataj document if they are registering their address using a rental contract. (Along with Numarataj document, some of the mostly asked documents are often tapu/title dead, utility bill, earthquake insurance and so on.)

How to obtain a Numarataj Document?

Obtaining Numarataj document - the address number in Turkey for residence permit

How to obtain a numarataj document mainly varies on wheter the property is in a metropolitan municipality (e.g Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara etc..). If the property is situated in such large city, you may request the Numarataj document from the İmar ve Şehircilik Müdürlüğü (Diractorate of Zoning and Urbanization). Whereas, if the property that is subject of the residence permit application is located in a smaller settlement where is not a metropolitan municipality, the Numarataj document is to be requested from their local municipality (belediye).

In order to obtain the Numarataj document, the applicant is to submit a request letter stating the exact address with city, town, district, island and parcel numbers as well as the purpose of the building units.

What are the documents required to obtain the Numarataj document?

a.) Request letter
b.) Copy of the applicant's ID
c.) Copy of the title dead (TAPU)