Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment Programme

Foreigners can now be a Turkish citizen by buying a property in Turkey that is worth of a minimum of 400K US dollars. The spouse and children below the age of 18 of the applicant can also be granted Turkish citizenship. Turkish citizenship will remain throughout life time and children will be born as Turkish.

Application Types to Obtain Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment

Choose Your New Home in Istanbul

Purchasing a Real Estate

Acquisition of an immovable asset worth of a minimum of 400K USD.
Rent Apartment in Istanbul like a local

Depositing in a Turkish bank

Must be a minimum of 500K USD.
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Purchasing Goverment Bonds

Worth a minimum of 500K USD.

Programme Requirements

Steps for Turkish Citizenship Application by Real Estate Investment

  • 1 - Getting a Tax Registration Number

Tax Registration number can be obtanined from any Tax Office with the requirement of original passport and photos.

  • 2 - Openning an Account in a Turkish Bank

Having an account in a Turkish bank is required for the documentation of transactions during the purchasing stage. Original passport, tax registration number and an official document such as a utility bill, showing your current residential address are required.

  • 3 - Finding the Property

Worth a minimum of 400K US dollars or Turkish lira equivalent in a single or multiple real estate that is suitable for Official Valuation Survey and with Habitation License granted, Construction Servitude or Tittle Deed ready.

  • 4 - Buying the Property

The applicants must use bank transfer and document the transaction with the receipt.

  • 5 - Applying for Residence Permit (Ikamet)

The applicants first should gather the required documents and apply to Directorate General of Migration online.

  • 6 - Applying for Turkish Citizenship

After gathering the required documents, applicants are to apply to Directorate General of Migration.

More about the Turkish Citizenship Programme

Things to Know

  • Time condition for the investment is 3 years.
  • The all investments can be taken back along with legal revenues after 3 years.
  • The sale of your property is only possible when the required time of 3 years expires and Turkish citizenship is granted.
  • Applicant's spouse and children who are below the ages of 18, are also granted Turkish citizenship.
  • Turkish citizenship would remain throughout your life and your children would be born as Turkish citizens.

Required Documents

  • Birth Certificate
  • Vital record that shows all family members and Marriage certificate. (Spouse's death certificate if the applicant is widowed)
  • Health Insurance
  • 12 Biometric photographs taken on the white background
  • Passport
  • Power of Attorney
  • These documents must be original and have notarized Turkish translations.

Properties Eligible for Turkish Citizenship Programme

Buy Istanbul apartment for sale with bosphorus view in centre Cihangir
For Sale

3 BED w/ Bosphorus and Tower Views

3 1
Cihangir Mahallesi (Beyoglu)
renovated istanbul apartment for sale in centre with balcony
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Renovated 2 BED apartment w/ High ceilings

2 1.5
Firuzaga Mahallesi (Galata)
Istanbul apartment for sale in Galata two bedrooms and common rooftop terrace
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3 bed with Sea and Tower View in Galata

2 2
Mueyyedzade Mahallesi (Galata)

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